Dim the lights , take a sniff , put on your most sinister hooded robe and dig in to your very own waxy graveyard! ⠀


A minimum of 125 of product (pure soy wax / coconut oil) offering a minimum of 100 hours of shreikingly good scent!⠀


Easy to remove finished wax from your burner once fully cooled with just a quick swoop of some kitchen paper , the softer wax type means no need to melt first to dispose of which means you can get melting a fresh scoop quicker than you can say RIP.


Each Pot is at least 2x the typical weight of a Snapbar and comes with your very own stainless steel Spade Spoon, nestled in a black organza back with a safety / usage card & complimenting botanical toppers to sprinkle into your wax pool for the ultimate scent experience!


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